Biosensors Laboratory

Ritratto di Mazzei Franco
Notizie generali
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PE4_1 - Physical chemistry PE4_11 - Physical chemistry of biological systems
PE4_4 - Surface science and nanostructures
PE4_5 - Analytical chemistry
PE4_8 - Electrochemistry, electrodialysis, microfluidics, sensors
Attivita di ricerca: 

The main instrumentations available in the Biosensors Laboratory consist of several electrochemical (amperometers and potentiostates)  and optical  (Surface Plasmon Resonance and spectrophotometer) interfaces, flow injection analysis systems.

Aree di interesse

1) Nanotechnologies applied for the development of optical and electrochemical biosensors.

2) Realization of enzymatic electrochemical biosensors and their application to environmental, pharmaceutical and food analysis.

3) Study of the electrochemical properties of new substances that can be used as redox mediators in the realization of mediated electron transfer based biosensors.

4) Synthesis of redox mediator and modification thereof.

5) Evaluation and optimization of the different immobilization procedures of enzymes and mediators, that can be used in the development of enzymatic screen printed electrodes.

6) Application of Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance (ESPR) in the evaluation of the growth of proteins, mediators and SAMs on gold surfaces.

7) Development of ESPR based immunosensors and their application in clinical, toxicological and pharmacological fields.

8) Realization of biocatalyst-based bioreactors for the biodegradation of environmental pollutants.

9) Evaluation of the potential use of electrochemical and optical biosensors for the detection of doping substances and methods.

Progetti di ricerca
  • EU 6th FP: as member of the “BioMedNano”research project, in the topic: Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials, and New Production Processes and Devices
  • National Health Department: as coordinator of the research project “Effect of cobalt chloride on the Erythropoiesis process: analytical determination and assessment of the biological damage.”
  • National Health Department: as member of the research "Study on the enzymatic balance of 11-Beta Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase (HSD11β type 1 (11β-HSD1)/11β-HSD2 in athletes"
  • delle Noci S, Frasconi M, Favero G, Tosi M, Ferri T, Mazzei F (2008). Electrochemical kinetic characterization of redox mediated glucose oxidase reactions: a simplified approach. Electroanalysis 20 163-169.
  • Deriu D, Favero G, D'Annibale A, Mazzei F (2008). Study of ferrocene-modified G4-PAMAM dendrimer for reagentless biosensor development. ECS Trans. 16 105-113.